August 22, 2010

Today's schedule

Sahur - took nap - prayed - got ready
40 minutes drive - 4 hours class - less than half an hour discussion afterwards
Picked Ijajikins - dropped by house - set off

Got lost. Going round and unsure. Called for direction
2 hours *headdesk*

Finally found the place - browsed around
Didn't find items wanted - saw nothing interesting

Decided to go home - discussed potential plan for next week - sent Ijajikins to KL Central
Got home - time to break fast - prayed
Watched a bit of TV - checked emails and updates - deciding goods to buy... tough decision, lots of rationalization
Chatted with Ames and J - sent text spam  to AiAi
Is typing practice questions - thinking of the loads of homework & readings

Time to sleep?
Not yet
It's already 22nd of August though...

Starting to feel sleepy.
It's 12.08 a.m. now