December 16, 2012

Your Eyes

It's nearly the end of 2012.
For some of us, it's been more than a year working as houseman. I'd have to say, the longer it is, the more comfortable and familiar you are with your job. But that doesn't mean it doesn't go without any trials and tribulations.

In the few months that have lapsed since my last entry, believe it or not, we've been to Sabah twice. First, to Kota Kinabalu, sort of an impromptu decision when Zeti was checking out the flight ticket. There were quite a number of Frontiers in KK so meeting them up was a pleasure- memories to hold on to. KK trip wasn't really for sight-seeing, rather, it was more of a mini reunion. Nevertheless, we went up to Kundasang -a beautiful place indeed- and stayed at a marvelous place called Little Hut. You can google it up ;)

//Missing Hanum, Nisa & Amal

//At Desa Cattle Farm. The chocolate milk is the best! And loving the scenery at the back =D

The second trip was to Sandakan- Frontiers' first attempt at batch reunion. Hats off to K.I who was basically the backbone of the gathering. Reunion isn't complete without something that we could benefit from, so...
//Sunathon! Yup, Prof let us 'cut' this time around. Satisfied indeed.
//The venue was 2 hours on road followed by 2 hours OFF-road. 
We we brought there by this awesome team of 4-WDs called MudMadness. They seriously taught us the meaning of teamwork. Hopefully we can work with them again in the future!

//Back during student time, post-sunathon = waterfall trip xD This time around, we stepped up for turtle-watch!

//The ever-so-stylish lecturers! ;)

//Dropped by the English tea-house in KK- the scenery is worthwhile. The food was yummy. The coffee was just... awesome! Heh... says the coffee-addict ;)

//Us and Profs

And in between those two trips, Geng Makan2 (which consists of colleagues of mine in Hosp. Batu Pahat who just happen to love to eat) held more -lo' and behold!- MAKAN MAKAN! =P
Who says doctors don't have life?
We EAT...
//Sate at... ?jengkuan? I have no idea how you spelt it...

And EAT...
//Durian & Rambutan Fest at yours truly + dominos

And we bowl too...

See? We DO have life xD

There was an announcement of Post-Grad Prep Course a few months ago. I went to the first edition last year before embarking into working life. It was useful. I am perhaps 80% sure of what I want to do next, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to just listen to other options too. 
It was a superb event, kudos to IMAM, MOSIT (MO & Specialist in Training) chapter for organizing it! I'd love to see more people attending this next time ;) 

For more information, you can visit: IMAM-MOSIT

//This year, there's booklet too!

//It was held in CUCMS this year.
Snapped this picture, this place haven't really changed in a sense. 
There was a sense of heavy happiness when I looked at the meeting rooms- I could see us 'strolling out' from the room on the swivel chairs, taking break from long hours of revision during the final days before Final Pro-Exam. Good ol' memories bring back smile =)

So what's next? In 15 more days, we'll embark into another chapter of life... called 2013.

Have you achieved your goals this year?
What do you want to achieve next year then?
Give it a thought, okay?
Wallahualam bissawab...