May 25, 2006


I found that I have a lot of names since starting Med here, especially since starting Clinical Years.
In the wards, I'm known as Nor, because literally, that is my first name...
When I introduce myself, some people were like: Nor? Nora? Nori?

Haha... I feel like Japanese if people call me 'Nori'

My intern heard my friends called me by 'Wani' the other day. He was like 'how come you introduce yourself to us as Nor while your friends called you Wani?? You are discriminating us' (Talk about teasing... sadly he'll be gone by the end of this week)
Ahh... another explaining to do... especially hard when on my student doctor card, it's 'Nor Zenol Ariffin' Where the heck does Wani comes from then?? (and notice that two third of it is consists of my dad's name rather than my name, haha)

That's it, I've decided... when I have children in the future, their name's only gonna be one simple word Easy!

Just for the note: At one point I was like 'No, I don't want to be called Nor anymore!! It's weeeeeiiirrrddd!!!!' T_T

Ahh... the joy of being medical student- free food (and freebies) every week! This time around I found that I can have free lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! But that is besides the point here...

Medical Grand Round last Tuesday brought on a topic of 'Drink Spiking'- Reality or exaggerated by media? It was given by a staff who did a 2 years prospective reasearch based on people presenting to ED in one hospital with this complaint.

I was coaxed by my team to come (I had to run to the main campus to settle some ISS stuff at the time) but it was really a good talk (and good food, of course). VERY interesting quote that I got from it:
"Drink spiking does occur but it's really rare (joy of what media can do for you) but the bigger problem here is binge drinking that that's what really should be targetted here (because WA just launch big campaign on drink spiking)"

My comment? Recognise the core of the problem in the first place. It's alcohol ^_^ Some people may not share the same idea though...