June 26, 2006

Monday Post

Most days last week was spent as Intan's place. (Yes, that includes the sleepover). And finally on Friday and Saturday night, Kme, Fit and Ijan decided to join as well (along with people from Curtin, who had been there since Wednesday night). It was full house- even felt like kat kampung on Sunday morning, where some where busy eating breakfast, going in and out of the toilet, cooking lunch and generally chatting.

UWAMSA (UWA Muslim Student Association) organized lunch at Matilda Bay (sisters only). It was a great outdoor lunch (despite the fact that I was too tired- had only 2 hours sleep the night before for trying to finish up some homework)
After sending the girls home, called Alia who was at Harbour Town. To confirm some things, I decided to drive there. Not wanting to go alone, I dragged Sharan and Salwa with me. On the way, my car started to make this high pitch sound... In the end, we stopped at a carpark somewhere in Northbridge (I missed the turn to go into Harbour Town... sheesh)

While I was contemplating what to do, a car pulled off and this man asked if we need any helped. Told him what happened and he looked at the engine. "I think it's your alternator. Are you with any insurance or some sort?" "RAC" I said. "Yeah, best to call them, or drive home if you live around here then call them."
'Thank you pakcik baik'
So we called RAC and gave them details (I wasn't really sure where we were because when I missed the turn into Harbour Town, we got off track for a while... was thinking finding a place to do U-turn and go back to Harbour Town when decided it was better to stop as the sound got worse)

RAC Roadside Assistant came about 40 minutes after... Fixed it (alternator belt was loose or something), then we're fixed to go home... Alhamdulillah... I was so thankful with that!
'Thank you so much, pakcik rac!!'

In the end, we didn't get to go to Harbour Town...

Since I only got 2 hours sleep last night, I decided to sleep early to wake up very early in the morning to study. Before I got the chance to be woken up by my alarm clock, Fit called me, "Kak Wani!!! Dah bangun ke?? Kme punye flight malam ni, bukan malam esok!!!!"

Laaaaaa.... budak kecik ni.... Macam mane boleh salah tarikh...

So, off we go to the airport (it was 12.40 a.m. when we got there)
Surprise surprise... Royal Brunei was delayed to 4.30 p.m.!! So, off we go back home (Cik Kme included) at 1.10 a.m. (after I had a cup of coffee)

Make sure you claim a hotel/place to stay while waiting for connecting flight to KL from Brunei tomorrow night, yeah girl? Safe journey, insyaAllah.

I hate you! You kill my brothers and sisters, over and over again, and give lame excuses each time... Wonder why the world keeps on being fooled by you when it was so clear that you are bloody murderers??!!

Let Allah gives us strength to protect our Land, our Deen, Ameen...