June 30, 2006

Friday Post (I can't think of an entry's tittle)

5.30 a.m.- A Toyota Tarago pulled in at Mounts Bay Apartment parking lot to pick up a few girls. Soon, they went to Bently to gather, rearranging stuff and then will depart for down south of Western Australia.

This is the start of Winter Sonata 2006...
*sob sob*
Wargh!! Nak ikut!!!!

Since I have no winter break-wahat-so-ever, I can't join this trip.
On the other hand, I was asked to scrubbed in two days ago for a femoral-peroneal bypass on a patient, and helped with tiny tiny little stuff in the operation- which I was glad.

Then yesterday, we had the chance to watch an above-knee-amputation on another patient... It reminded me of the lectures that Dr. Salam (from Doctors for Iraq) gave, about how they do not have the adequate facilities, anaesthetic etc there because of the occupation now... I cringed to imagine this kind of operation to be done only under local anaesthetic.

Tonight, I'll be joining the intern for the night shift...