July 14, 2006


Someone asked me why haven't I updated my blog. Two reasons:
- I am busy... (Out of the house by 6.45/6.50 a.m, and back home at around 4-5 p.m)
- I have absolutely nothing to jot in here

There you go... maybe till I finish surgery, this weblog will be updated once in a blue moon

Drabble of the day (not out of fiction, but out of experience)

1. For the first time in 4 years and 2 months I'm here in Perth, only the other day I finally saw dolphins in the river!!! I was in the train to Fremantle when it reached the bridge connecting North Fremantle and Fremantle and there was a river which opens to the sea when I saw a few dolphins surfaced and leaped.
It was exciting (can you hear the excitement????)
I thought up till I've graduated and go back home, I'm never gonna see dolphins around!

2. Wednesday was an amputation day. I was in theatre with one of my collugues and all we saw that day was amputations and debriment... Interesting, although in the end I was beat up.

3. Catched up with Tasha on Wednesday night- went to her place with Wina. Tasha's birthday was the day before, hence the visit. Also, I felt guilty for not having to visit her family yet this year. It was a wonderful night.

4. Didn't have enough sleep the past few days, so on Thursday night, I slept from 7.30 in the evening till 5 in the morning!! Woke up on today with headache though- too much sleep...

5. Went to Kaleya Hospital with Zainab this afternoon... One of the surgeon had operation there- repair of hernia was the one that caught my interest (since I'm in Vascular -the blood vessels- Team, I saw a lot of vessels and lower limbs). For your info, Kaleya used to be a private hospital, but now it's under Fremantle Hospital, hence it's a public hospital. When Zainab and I went in there, we were like 'Whoa... this is no hospital, this is more like a luxirious hotel!!'.
It is.
I wouldn't mind working in places like that. :D And the staff were so nice!

6. [weather report] Last few days were the coldest in this winter I reckon. I had three layers of clothes including one thick coat, and yet it was still cold- to the bone. Once, it was minus 3, I think, in the morning... Not to forget, walking from the train station to hospital too... Brrrr
Today was not as cold... but it rained. Alhamdulillah... we need that rain..

And with that last bit, ladies and gentlemen, I end my entry.