September 12, 2010


Eid’ul Fitr is one of the two celebrations in Islam. You may see it spelled or called differently at different places/countries: Eidil Fitr, Aidil Fitri, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Lebaran just to name a few but it’s referring to the same day: the day of celebration after one month of fasting in Ramadhan, a holy month in Islamic Calander.

Perhaps in Malaysia, the celebration is leaning more towards tradition in celebrating the day. When mentioning Aidil Fitri, the image that I can portray is colourful, from the scenery to the people. There’s also this image of family gathering, ‘balik kampung’ (literally meaning going back to your hometown, kampung literally means ‘village’ but in this context, your hometown), people seeking for forgiveness from the others and food. Good food.

Usually when people talk about ‘balik kampung’, it’s usually the place where family members would gather at the grandparents home... In our family, on my father’s side, it will depend on where Grandma decides to celebrate Eid. This year it was at my aunt’s house. So, on the First Raya, dad’s siblings would gather there; if you haven’t seen your cousins for the past one year, high chance that you’re going to see them there.

Years back when we were small, ‘balik kampung’ also means sleepover. The only ‘kampung’ I have is on Mom’s side (since Grandma on dad’s side lives in Kuala Lumpur now)- nowadays, we’d either go back on the First Raya in the evening, or on the Second Raya. I was sitting in what used to be the living/dining area on the upper side of the wooden house when I remembered the different designated places for different families to sleep at, with net (kelambu) hung over... and at night the kids would be outside playing with fire crackers, sharing plates with my cousins during mealtimes the next day and us little cousins taking bath together at the bathroom outside the main house... Nostalgic...

I’d have to say that it was triggered by this photo...

//Some of us cousins from 20 years ago, can you believe that? xD

We’re missing a few cousins though this year... a few of them at their husband’s hometown and one is still in Australia... I miss them... How time flies.

More relative visits today...

Oh.... and for kids, Raya means Duit Raya a.k.a. angpau a.k.a. okane xDDD

And because the lyrics and melody are just beautiful, I'm sharing this with you too:
Healing, by Sami Yusuf (Thanks Fhad for sharing in fb)