September 17, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 34-35 [Reflection]

I was reading this (or rather, viewing it) a few weeks ago: 13 Fun Self Portrait Mirror Shots

And I only realized about this post today: My Camera and I Weekly Photography Challenge

When I was reading the first article above, I remember I had taken something similar along the theme in October last year:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

But because I'm too shy to join the fun in the second link above, I'll just post it here.

I'm moving a huge collection of pictures from another place to here, for archiving purposes sometime in the future (which I've been procrastinating for... err... months?), so please excuse the picture spam ^^;;;;

There was an announcement in our batch's mail that we're having extra class tomorrow. I'm guessing it takes some of us by surprise since at the moment only one group has started their posting, the rest of us will start on Monday. But might just as well go, topic will be Neurology, something that I don't want to miss... After all, there are 3 open house invitations to look forward to after that =D

Went to Ames' house yesterday; I thought I'd take whatever chance to see the girl/s if I can since everyone's pretty much busy nowadays. Told Ames of... I guess what can be called as good news, and ideas are brewing in our minds now. It won't be as easy as Kuching Trip, IF you can call that planning as easy, but knowing us and what we've done in the past one and a half year, it's very do-able.

I caught what Ames called 24-hour bug, and my nose is running with a lot of sneezing since last night.

No fun.